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Some Financial Facts Vrs Our Christian Faith!!!

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) researchers say the world’s biggest economies should act fast because there is a robust slow growth rate in the world’s economy.

The G20 (consisting of 20 countries’ finance ministers and central banks) has briefed the IMF that “the global economy has slowed unexpectedly.”


What does it tell you as a Christian???

The Bible is not clueless about the current state of the world’s failing economy. In fact, the economists should have been smart enough to research the bible first.

Why is that?

Because it has answers to the world’s problems😊.

And while they may not accept it to be true, they somehow know that they can’t solve it.

How do I know this?

Because if they could, they would have done it long time ago.

Needless to say that the efforts of financial analysts and “great” economic minds have failed…how sad😌

The Word of God makes it clear to us that in these last days, there will be turbulence (hard) times.

However, solutions have been provided through the same Bible because that is what it does. It presents a problem and gives you the solution.

It is clear that, God has provided a way of escape for us even in this current economic recession that the world is facing.

Need I remind you that, Isaac sowed (invested) in such a time like this and reaped (earned) 100% returns (dividend).

Isaac was the physical seed of Abraham. We are the spiritual seed of Abraham😄.

Job 22:29 reveals that “when men are cast down, then we shall SAY there is a lifting up.” (KJV – Emphasis Mine)

In other words, when mere men are cast down, you (put your name there) shall declare or confess that you are lifted up. Glory to God!!!

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