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Humanity’s Greatest Fear – Death!

Emmanuel V. Agyare

One of the things that have put mankind’s greatest minds in boxes is the fear that we’ll all die one day. I dare say that those who accomplish great things in this life are those who believe above death. It’s of a certainty that we’re all going to die one day but we shouldn’t let that thought dissuade us from accomplishing something great. We can only defeat death in death (dead to fear). In other words, people who have defeated the fear of death are the ones that are truly living. Change the status quo, challenge yourself, face your fears, be adventurous, be fearless, be curious because ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!!


By Emmanuel Victor Agyare

Hello World, my name is Emmanuel Victor Agyare. I describe myself as a prolific article writer and an inspirational blogger. This website is managed and owned by myself and my lovely wife, Princess Harmon who is an editor and a co-contributor of this website.

It is truly our greatest heart's desire to help others find encouragement and fulfilment through a balance of healthy living principles, posts and blogs on this website.

I will encourage anyone reading this now not to lose hope in life no matter how hard things will be. Persevere and never give up. There's room for everyone at the top. Enjoy this website!!!

Warmest regards,

Emmanuel Victor Agyare (Administrator & Webmaster)

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