What you won’t find on my CV

Source: Michael Ogbaa’s LinkedIn page

The most tragic aspect of Steve Jobs life was the inadequate time he spent with his family. He regretted it before he died. I watched a video where Jack Ma confessed that not spending enough time with his family when he was busy building Alibaba ranks amongst his greatest regrets.

I may not come close to achieving what these exceptional world’s renowned corporate titans have accomplished but one thing is sure, I’ll never share their regrets. I spend enough time with my family. I’m an intentional dad. Being called a father is my highest earthly honour, not my academic or career exploits.

The joy and smiles you see in this picture will remain long after I’m retired. Today happens to be my 17th wedding anniversary.

Grateful me,

Michael Ogbaa


By Emmanuel Victor Agyare

Hello World, my name is Emmanuel Victor Agyare. I describe myself as a prolific article writer and an inspirational blogger. This website is managed and owned by myself and my lovely wife, Princess Harmon who is an editor and a co-contributor of this website.

It is truly our greatest heart's desire to help others find encouragement and fulfilment through a balance of healthy living principles, posts and blogs on this website.

I will encourage anyone reading this now not to lose hope in life no matter how hard things will be. Persevere and never give up. There's room for everyone at the top. Enjoy this website!!!

Warmest regards,

Emmanuel Victor Agyare (Administrator & Webmaster)

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